Thursday, January 29, 2009

Summary of cchapter 2..(the Internet, the web, and electronic commerce)

sUmmary of Chapter 2..

Internet was launched in 1969 with Arpanet, the Internet was made up of wires, cables and satellites.Being that connected to this network then describes as being online..web was introduced in 1992 at Cern and provides a multimedia interface to Internet resources..the uses of the Internet and Web included are communication,sopping,searching,entertaimnet and education..once connected to the Internet, our computer seemingly becomes an extension of a giant computer that branches all over the world..browsers acccess the Web allowing to surf and explore..such as URLs that contain two basic parts which is protocol and domain name..for the communication 0f e-mail(electronic mail) is the transmission of electronic messages..basic elements is header,subject,attachments,messages and signature line..Spam is unwanted e-mail that may include a compuer virus..Instant messaging extends e-mail to support live commu with friends..Social networking connects individuals to one another that are three types that reuniting sites connect people who have lost with one another,friend-of-a-friend sites bring together that share a common friend and common interest sites connect individual, who share common interest or hobbies..Search engines maintain huge database relating to Web site content..Spiders are programs that update these databasees..for electronic commerce or e-commerce, is the buying and selling of goods over the Internet..Three basic types of e-commerce are bussiness-to-consumer (B2C),bussiness-to-bussiness,and consumer-to-consumer..Web uitilities are specialized utility programs that make uisng the Internet and the Web easier and safer..

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