Friday, January 30, 2009

SummaRy cHApter 3 (Basic Application Software)

SuMMary of cHapter 3....
There are two basic types of software.System software focuses on handling technical details and Application software focuses on completing applications..common features of most application programs include Microsoft word 2003 are User interface,windows,menus,dialog box and tollbars..Microsoft office 2007 has new interface to make it easier to find and use application features,this interface introduce ribbons,contextual tabs,galleries..

Word processors allow to create,edit,save and print text-based document inc;uding flyers,reports,newsletters and Web pages..features word wrap is a bsic feature that automatically moves the insertion point to the next line.Editing features include Therausus,find and replace,spelling and grammar checkers..

Spreadsheet, programs are used to organize, an analyze and graph numeric data..features principal spredsheet include the following..workbook files consists of one or more related worksheets..worksheets also known as spreadsheets are rectangle grids of rows and column..rows are identified by numbers,columns by letters..cells are formed by the intersection of a row and column used to hold text and numeric entries..

Database management systems..

A database is a collection of related data..a database management sysytem (DBMS) also known as a database manager,structures a database and provides tools for entering,editing and retrieving data..

pResentation gRaphics..
cOmbine a variety of visual objects to create attractive,visually interesting presentations..features include the following slides-individual page or screen of a presentation,autocontent wizard-steps through the process of creating a template- combination of colour scheme,slide layouts and special effects..master slide- does not appear in presentations contorls format and placement of all slides in a presentations..

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