Friday, January 30, 2009

My 1st Mid Term Break...H0liday is Holiday..yeah!!...

I felt so excited to go back my h0metown is JB to meet all the people that I miss so much (my parents and all my friends)..If can I want go on the 23rd Jan but I have to postpone to the next day that 24th of Jan because I had to settle down my applying for PTPTN loan..I woke up early on that day at 6 a.m.I got the number in humdred something so I have to wait for my turn untill at the evening before going back to JB..My bus at that I have to rushed with my friends because we are running out of time..and reached at JB at 8.30 p.m..

What I did from 25th Jan to 31st Jan(today)???

From the 1st day I reached JB,I juz chatting with my parents and with my younger sister because we got a lot of story that can we share together..My parents asked me that my face looks so pale like I'm not in a good of take care of I have been lectured by my parents they also scold me and they gave me the suplemen that I have to take everyday..For the next day,I juz hang out with my friends..we got a lot of story that we share because we have a long time that we n0t meet before I'm go to UiTM I very miss muchy2 much them..hehe..we spent time together anh have a chit-chat and go to singing at Angsana and Danga and take a fresh air there and also playing that have a some fun-fair there..

After that,I spent my time for looking information my assigment for CTU and make a summary that En.Malik gave to our class..I go to cc near with my house and make assigment there from 2 p.m. untill 4.30 p.m after that I juz go back at my home and take some rest and at the same time I have a some tea to drink and have a messaging with my friends and talked to them that I want to see them(today) befoere I go back to UiTM Segamat tomorrow..and I will miss them so dump!! that all for what I did during my 1st mid term break...hehe.. =)

SummaRy cHApter 3 (Basic Application Software)

SuMMary of cHapter 3....
There are two basic types of software.System software focuses on handling technical details and Application software focuses on completing applications..common features of most application programs include Microsoft word 2003 are User interface,windows,menus,dialog box and tollbars..Microsoft office 2007 has new interface to make it easier to find and use application features,this interface introduce ribbons,contextual tabs,galleries..

Word processors allow to create,edit,save and print text-based document inc;uding flyers,reports,newsletters and Web pages..features word wrap is a bsic feature that automatically moves the insertion point to the next line.Editing features include Therausus,find and replace,spelling and grammar checkers..

Spreadsheet, programs are used to organize, an analyze and graph numeric data..features principal spredsheet include the following..workbook files consists of one or more related worksheets..worksheets also known as spreadsheets are rectangle grids of rows and column..rows are identified by numbers,columns by letters..cells are formed by the intersection of a row and column used to hold text and numeric entries..

Database management systems..

A database is a collection of related data..a database management sysytem (DBMS) also known as a database manager,structures a database and provides tools for entering,editing and retrieving data..

pResentation gRaphics..
cOmbine a variety of visual objects to create attractive,visually interesting presentations..features include the following slides-individual page or screen of a presentation,autocontent wizard-steps through the process of creating a template- combination of colour scheme,slide layouts and special effects..master slide- does not appear in presentations contorls format and placement of all slides in a presentations..

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Summary of cchapter 2..(the Internet, the web, and electronic commerce)

sUmmary of Chapter 2..

Internet was launched in 1969 with Arpanet, the Internet was made up of wires, cables and satellites.Being that connected to this network then describes as being online..web was introduced in 1992 at Cern and provides a multimedia interface to Internet resources..the uses of the Internet and Web included are communication,sopping,searching,entertaimnet and education..once connected to the Internet, our computer seemingly becomes an extension of a giant computer that branches all over the world..browsers acccess the Web allowing to surf and explore..such as URLs that contain two basic parts which is protocol and domain name..for the communication 0f e-mail(electronic mail) is the transmission of electronic messages..basic elements is header,subject,attachments,messages and signature line..Spam is unwanted e-mail that may include a compuer virus..Instant messaging extends e-mail to support live commu with friends..Social networking connects individuals to one another that are three types that reuniting sites connect people who have lost with one another,friend-of-a-friend sites bring together that share a common friend and common interest sites connect individual, who share common interest or hobbies..Search engines maintain huge database relating to Web site content..Spiders are programs that update these databasees..for electronic commerce or e-commerce, is the buying and selling of goods over the Internet..Three basic types of e-commerce are bussiness-to-consumer (B2C),bussiness-to-bussiness,and consumer-to-consumer..Web uitilities are specialized utility programs that make uisng the Internet and the Web easier and safer..

Saturday, January 10, 2009

c0ntinue from about 0UR Classes...

At first day of Mr.Malik classes he ask our classes to do assignment..but then, it is a first assignment we had to do..all my friends get blur when he ask to do a blog..urrmm blog??? my friend and I get blurred about the blog because we do not know to make a blog and never did the blog..hehe..the assignment we have to do is blog about our classes on the 7th Jan 2009..and not only we have to do this but we have to do about evolution of computer, history of Internet and who own the Internet..

Friday, January 9, 2009

suMMary of cLasses make simpe just call me AIN...i'm the one of student of diploma science computer in DISEMBER intake of 2008..
from my classes there are seven boys and twelve girls in these course..tHEY come from different country..First our classes with Mr.Malik lecturer of subject CSC 119. We are asking to introduce ourself to him and he did the same thing with us..